Garden Lights

Solar garden lights are among the most flexible methods to integrate illumination into your backyard layout. Since solar lights don’t require hard wiring into a gridded power supply, you can simply strategically place them almost anyplace in your yard that there’s a pathway, walkway or planting area. And they come in an increasing number of styles that could either blend in or stand out and make a statement. Listed below are some ideas that will help you select the best selections for your outdoor areas. Garden lights can provide a beautiful accent to your different varieties of landscape plantings.


Plastic Garden Lights

plastic garden lights

Plastic Garden Lights are the Least Expensive

Most likely the least costly means of adding lighting effects onto your path will be to put in solar plastic lights attached to short stakes that are stuck into the soil. The plastic housing makes them weatherproof and helps to keep the purchase price low. But nonetheless they utilize the same kind of LED technology that more expensive lights use, so you can get the exact same kind of lighting on your pathways and planting areas that more costlier ground-level fixtures provide.


Bollard Design Garden Lights

bollard garden lights

Bollard Garden Lights Provide Greater Illumination

Should you prefer a bit more light than a ground-level light designs, and yet don’t desire the eye-level lighting that the pole light or even a flood light gives, then choose a bollard design. They are usually 2 to 3 feet high and offer expanded ground lighting that is not as intrusive as more elevated lights. They come in quite a number of styles, materials and cost ranges.


Stainless Steel Solar Pathway Lights

stainless steel solar garden lights

Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights are Extremely Durable

Should you want the design of pathway lights that are placed right into the soil, corrosion resistant stainless steel pathway lighting is a good choice. The stainless steel fixtures will be able to endure wetness from the ground and ensure that they last a lifetime. Just be certain that you place them within an area that’s blanketed in bark, gravel or some other material that doesn’t require mowing and trimming. Even stainless steel won’t endure lawn mower blades. Of course, in the event you plan to place them within an part encompassed by grass, merely ensure that that you simply plus your landscaping workers remove them prior to mowing the lawn


Garden lights are the perfect addition for your paths, walkways around the pool or anywhere else that you want illuminated. They add a glow to the landscape that can be quite soothing while taking a nice walk or just relaxing on the deck or around the pool. If you enjoy spending time outdoors garden lights are a great addition.

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