Solar Flood Lighting


Outdoor solar Flood lights are useful when you need to light up a large region

            For residential purposes, they’re often helpful to illuminate the fronts of vintage

solar flood lights illuminating home

Solar Flood Lights Can Produce Beautiful Effects to Architectural Details

or custom dwellings which have particularly attractive architectural elements. Through the holidays, they’re often used to showcase home accents. And sporting activities enthusiasts place them on their own driveways or garages to illuminate the basket ball backboard for evening games, or on poles to illuminate their tennis courts for evening time practice. Since they can be utilized in so many ways, here are some ideas to consider.

Solar Flood Lights For Security


Solar flood lights are an excellent choice when adding security lights to your home or shed.  Solar security lights are easy to install for anyone with minimal DIY skills.  The SecurePal Series of flood lights like the one featured in the video below allow you to mount the motion sensor and light under any overhang and the solar panel and battery unit has a 9 foot cord so you can mount the collector on the roof or in a sunny area.  When fully charged the light will last up to 10 hours.  This a great choice for a totally self contained independent motion activated solar security light.

Halogen or LEDs?


LEDs (light emitting diodes) may last as much as 50 times more time than halogen bulbs, however are usually more expensive at the moment they’re first purchased. And of course, the Led lamps utilized for flood light purposes must be a great deal brighter compared to those found in a string of decorative solar christmas lights or the small lights to light up an outdoor pathway. In addition it’s that high wattage which causes LED flood lights to be more expensive at first. But the long life time makes it possible to regain that added cost. And so will your decreased energy expense from your own electric company, as your flood lights will be solar powered. Through the daytime, the solar cell will be collecting the sun’s rays, transforming it into electrical current and transfer it to the storage battery — in most cases Ni-Cad or Ni-MH that are high capacity. So when you utilize your flood lights during the night, they will actually be powered by that battery.



LED blue spectrum light


LEDs utilize much less power versus halogen lights, so they are able to illuminate your property or your game courts for long stretches with the same amount of battery charge. However they generate a brightness that’s a great deal bluer in comparison to the yellow-toned halogen lights. Which could alter shades of color and be harsher in regards to a person’s eyes, which could be a problem for people who have sensitive eyes. That’s not much of a problem if you’re utilizing your solar flood lights for enhancing purposes. But if you are serious about your sporting activities, adjusting to the different color spectrum might take some getting accustomed to.



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